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Qt4 tutorial for absolute beginners

Author, (c): sector at ynet dot sk, please do not copy without permission.

If you have experience with programming in C/C++ (or at least have basic knowledge about principles of object oriented programming) and you want to learn Qt4, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial is especially dedicated to beginners. This tutorial is intended to be more practical than theoretical. It focuses on Qt4, no previous major versions of Qt are discussed here.

The reason why I decided to write this tutorial is that there is real lack of Qt tutorials for real beginners, people who want to start with Qt4 but they just don't know how. Qt documentation is really nice written, however it is hard to understand for average programmer. Examples bundled with Qt distribution are impressive but most of them are very difficult for beginner to learn from.

My first Qt GUI application tested with Qt 4.4.3.

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Table of contents:


Other stuff

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I want to say a word of thanks to following people for helping me with this tutorial:


30.11.2008 - updated Preparations section to reflect latest changes, Qt4 on Windows can be installed via automated installer, no need to compile anymore

Your comments/feedback/bug/typo/inaccuracy reports or help with writing this tutorial are welcome.
Your feedback is very importat for me. I need to know if writing of this tutorial is worth the effort.

model view
painting with Qt - very simple example
clicking grid like widget

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